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Hello, I'm Rhiannon. I've had a passion for photography since I was very young. I've witnessed many changes in technology since being shown by my parents how to use a Cine Camera and then an old Olympus Trip which was the thing to have back then! I got my first SLR in my early twenties and pursued recording my family life and animal photography. I relish every opportunity to visually record the world around me.

I have an immense interest in wildlife, particularly birds and have been an avid birdwatcher since I was young. I can happily spend hours simply watching and listening to my little feathered friends. I work on the principle of capturing what I see and have a truly ethical approach of not disturbing wildlife.

More recently I've extended my repertoire to documentary photography as well as wildlife. This has been inspired by the current political climate and the ever changing environment. I love examining old photographs and believe it's so important to create a visual history of our world for our future generations. Words are too often misconstrued but an image is arguably much more concrete.

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